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4 Things Every Business Should Know About Its Power Bills

If you’re like most of us, when your power bill shows up each month, you look at the amount due, cringe a bit, and send it to accounting to be paid. It is what it is – right? But if that sounds like you, you could be missing opportunities to save money.

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MotorMaster: It Was Time for a Change (Updated)

Yesterday, Motors@Work announced our version 4.0 release. An update to the previous blog, “MotorMaster: It Was Time for a Change was in order to highlight Motors@Work’s new and enhanced commercially available capabilities.

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Improving performance with motor-system KPIs

Previous posts discussed why you need a motor management plan and listed the various steps involved – inventorying your motors, establishing a motor failure policy, motor purchasing policy, creating repair guidelines, and right-sizing your maintenance program. This post describes why it’s...

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Right size your maintenance program

Many motor maintenance programs have prescriptive schedules that govern motor maintenance; for example, NEMA recommends inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating your motors every three months or 1,500 run-hours.[1]

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Establishing motor repair guidelines

Let’s face it — there is no way to justify replacing all of your failed motors. Repairing the motor will be the best option for at least a few of your motors. So what’s next?

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Four Highly Effective Ways to Save Money Using Energy Analytics

We welcome Dan from Vitality as a guest blogger.  In this post, Dan takes a look at some specific ways in which analytics can help you save money.

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Developing your motor purchase policy

Perhaps you’ve decided to replace your failed motor with a new one rather than repair it. Or maybe you’re looking to buy new equipment for an expansion, or opting to retire a motor before fails. What’s your plan for selecting the right motor?

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Best practices in spare parts management

My previous post on repair versus replace decisions during motor failures touched on the need to maintain spares for your critical motors. This post delves into motor-specific considerations for your comprehensive spare parts management policy.

With today’s emphasis on lean and just-in-time...

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Developing a motor failure policy

A motor failed at your facility. Now what?

In an earlier blog, I outlined six best practices of a motor management plan. This post takes a deeper look at how a solid motor failure policy limits your risk exposure.

When a motor fails, you have two options: to repair it or replace it. The best...

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Determining your motor inventory

In an earlier blog, I listed the seven key elements that entail a motor management plan. In this post, I delve into the first and most under-rated element of a motor management plan – determining your Motor inventory.

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Motors@Work is a pioneer in motor and pump-driven system energy optimization and provides energy management SaaS solutions based on certified “Best Practices” and patent pending innovation for managing commercial and industrial motor-driven systems.

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