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Reliability intelligence: Moving towards predictive with greater asset insights

Four weeks ago, in our post about the principles guiding the redesign of Motors@Work’s user interface, I promised a deep dive into each of our three new dashboards. Last week we explored our energy intelligence dashboard; the week before, our asset intelligence dashboard. This week focuses on...

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Energy intelligence: Identifying savings opportunities with greater asset insights

Three weeks ago, I promised a deep dive into each of our three new dashboards. Last week, we explored our asset intelligence dashboard. This week we’ll investigate our energy intelligence dashboard.

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Asset Intelligence: Getting proactive with asset management initiatives

Last week’s post promised a deep dive into each of our three new dashboards. Let’s start with our asset intelligence view.

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Redesigning Motors@Work’s user interface: 4 guiding principles

July’s Maintenance Technology magazine featured an article by Jane Alexander on the four essential elements of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI): 1) focus on your KPIs; 2) display meaningful data; 3) declutter alarms; 4) provide actionable information.

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Motors@Work Bolsters SJWD’s Capital Plan

Startex-Jackson-Wellford-Duncan Water District (SJWD) supplies an average of six million gallons per day of high-quality drinking water to more than 50,000 people in the South Carolina Highlands. Last year, SJWD’s Board of Commissioners (the Commission) directed the utility to reduce their...

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Driving sustainability with IoT

Energy efficiency measures are a cost-effective method to achieving sustainability. When Internet of Things (IoT) technology gets added to the mix, energy efficiency’s potential becomes even more attractive.

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Alphabet soup: the EAM ecosystem, explained

While I have a deep background in motors, Motors@Work is my first foray into the fields of asset management and software development. The past several months exposed me to a whole new flavor of alphabet soup: ERP, EAM, APM, AIP, PAS, CMMS, and a dozen other acronyms. I think I’ve seen nearly...

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Raising the Bar: Your First Look at Motors@Work’s New Release

Last week, Motors@Work released v 4.0. Not to sound boastful, but in this release we have really upped our game to provide you advanced asset, reliability and energy intelligence on your motor-driven systems.

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4 Things Every Business Should Know About Its Power Bills

If you’re like most of us, when your power bill shows up each month, you look at the amount due, cringe a bit, and send it to accounting to be paid. It is what it is – right? But if that sounds like you, you could be missing opportunities to save money.

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MotorMaster: It Was Time for a Change (Updated)

Yesterday, Motors@Work announced our version 4.0 release. An update to the previous blog, “MotorMaster: It Was Time for a Change was in order to highlight Motors@Work’s new and enhanced commercially available capabilities.

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Motors@Work is a pioneer in motor and pump-driven system energy optimization and provides energy management SaaS solutions based on certified “Best Practices” and patent pending innovation for managing commercial and industrial motor-driven systems.

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